Taking a Chance on Something New: My Blogging Journey

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Making A Change
It’s always hard taking a chance. Often we talk ourselves out of it by saying “It will be too hard” or “I could never do that”, “I’m not the exception.”

Trust me, I’ve done this to myself over and over again through the years. First school, then career now shifting focus to a long-term take on where I want to be and how I want to live.

I’m not going to lie, it’s been tough; shifting focus from something I’ve focused on for so long and looking inwards for an answer to everyone’s overwhelming question of “what do you want to do?.”

Making a Change: Blogging Journey

Sometimes to get out of your own head, you’ve got to try something new, throw yourself into a new project/idea that excites you or pushes you. For me, that’s been blogging. Working on the other end of the industry, I often worked with bloggers, creating the amazing opportunities they were privy to. Since diving into this realm, it’s become a fantastic, creative and freeing experience.

There are many challenges, I might add, that i’ve had to embrace in order to not turn and run the other way. I have to admit, after blogging for almost a year, I can safely say I’ve come a long way.

In order to accomplish something you never thought possible you have to get uncomfortable, try something new and explore different avenues. I’m sure you’ve heard this before but it’s actually true. I’ve explored so many avenues since I started blogging a little under a year ago. For example, i’ve learnt how to use a camera and the difference between ISO and Aperture; now, I love learning about cameras and lenses and have a whole new appreciation for photography. Blogging has become a creative venture I genuinely enjoy.

So many new opportunities and skills are available when you try something new. Am I still learning, yes but, when do you ever stop? I hope I never do! Moral of the story: Sometimes you have to shift focus to see the bigger picture.

Making a Change: Blogging Journey

Making a Change: Blogging Journey

Making a Change: Blogging Journey