Spend or Save: Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

Hey guys,

As soon as the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette came out I knew I had to get it. First of all, it has the tones that I like and secondly I couldn’t stop hearing such amazing things about it. I know there have been literally millions of reviews on this but I just had to share my thoughts on not only the palette but its versatility and usability when compared to previous versions.

I’ve always liked Urban Decay as a brand, before the first Naked palette was released. They have such amazing colours, glitters and liners that come in every colour under the sun. I remember my first black eye kohl was from Urban Decay; I loved it so much I told all my friends, “buy this now!” Urban Decay has, over the years, released some fabulous products becoming staples in many people’s makeup collections, including my own. The brand has become synonymous with bold ideas and products that expand our creativity in ways we never thought possible.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

What’s different, for me personally, is this palette is balanced with blendable buttery matte and shimmer shades. Previously, Naked palettes were shimmer heavy and, to me, it was a little difficult to create the look I wanted. The Naked Heat palette has enough matte shades here to properly create the look and achieve the aesthetic I want without having to reach into another shadow or palette. I was pleasantly surprised to see this; these shades help the palette come together and provide go-to colours for whatever look you’re going for. For example: Chaser, Saused and Low Blow are my go-to transition shades for a layered smoky look and a simple soft look. Who wants to travel with or carry around multiple palettes especially when you don’t have a lot of room. This palette works for smokey, soft glam and everyday looks all year long.

I LOVE the formula and the colours in the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette specifically their pigmentation and colour payoff when applied. All the colours are easy to blend using natural and synthetic brushes with no fallout during application. It’s totally possible to start with your base makeup and not ruin your concealer. I have to say, this palette gets a 10/10 from me. The shadow formulas, the colours and the versatility of the colour range make this palette worth it!

Did you buy this? What’s your favourite thing about it? Let me know how you like it!

xx MB

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette


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  1. August 16, 2017 / 7:48 am

    Thank you SO much for sharing this! I love that you mentioned previous palettes being shimmer heavy. That’s one reason I only had the Matte Basics one. Knowing that this one is more balanced + seeing that the colors would complement my skin tone is a MAJOR KEY! Love this post.