Autumn Favourites

Ahh Fall; that time of year when the days get shorter and the nights get colder. Why are we so obsessed again? Oh yeah, the beauty looks, fall fashion and accessories and don’t forget the never-ending scent of pumpkin spice, warm cider and pine wafting throughout the house. I mean, what’s not to love? For the past few weeks, I’ve come across items I’ve been obsessed with since the season started. The best part, you can sit back and pick up all of these on Amazon!


Autumn Favourites

A Good Book/Series

I don’t know about you guys but I’m kicking myself for being late to the game with this show. I confess I binged the first two seasons of Outlander in the matter of 3 days. Yeah, I didn’t do anything else; I was pretty much hooked half way through the first episode. If you’re looking for drama, adventure, a good looking cast (ahem…Jamie) and a whole lot of romance, this show/novel is perfect! Since the story stems from a book, it’s a fantastic read for all those cosy nights in.

That Autumn Scent

It was only last year during the holidays I received one of these beautiful Diptyque Scented Candles. I bought them for others but could never justify the price for me. Only until I started burning this candle did I realize how much it was worth the price tag. It lasts a long time, and smells divine. It’s a perfect addition to any part of your house or room. The Feu De Bois (Wood Fire) is a stunning scent and works so well throughout the fall/winter season. Give a try!

Essential Footwear

I was always sceptical of Hunter Boots; I always thought to myself “why are they so special?”. Well, it wasn’t until I actually bit the bullet after a long stint with a pair of Coach rain boots and picked these up. Since then, they’ve changed the way I think of rain boots. They are so useful; I don’t just use them for rain but also for slush, snow and all the other weather conditions in between. They are really a life saver; I totally get why everyone loves them.

The ‘IT’ Jacket

Obviously, at this time of year a jacket it a must. This jacket has become Instafamous as of late and can be seen all over. It’s not only warm but very stylish. If you haven’t guessed by now it’s better known as the Teddy Bear Jacket. Maybe that’s just what I call it but either way, it’s so cute and looks so comfortable wear. It’s a great addition for the season.

The Perfect Knit

Okay, I’ve always wanted to make one of these but it’s a little harder then it looks! Let me tell you, these are so comfy and cosy! A Large Knit Throw is ideal for the season. They make such a great addition on the couch especially when you need to stay warm while binging Netflix (…Outlander). They are not only practical, it’s a really nice throw for the end of your bed or wherever you’d like it. Great investment for fall.

A Skin Savior

I have the driest skin! I’ve tried every lotion to the moon and back and not many have left me with long lasting hydration. Kiehls Crème Corps moisturizer is widely known to be worth the splurge. It’s hydrating, not heavily scented and keeps skin hydrated longer! Bonus, it feels luxe on the skin! If you think your current lotion is lackluster then give this one a try; I’m sure you’ll be very happy with it.

What are some of your Autumn Favs? Share in the comments!