How To Get Out Of a Blogging Funk

How To Get out of a Blogging Funk

We have all experienced this at one point or another; the dreaded wall that is a blogging funk. I’ll admit, I have a few of these a year, it’s never fun but, since hindsight is 20/20, it’s always a learning experience. I, personally, think it’s normal to go through highs and lows of inspiration and creativity, don’t you think? It’s something that we can’t really help; it can be naturally occurring over time, influenced by our environment or just an outcome of constant repetition of the same thing.

I wanted to touch on this subject since I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced this and I certainly will not be the last. Fear not, there are ways though any funk that actually work!

1. Do something to distract yourself

You know when you’re too focused on something it can becomes harder to accomplish? For example, when you’re trying to write a blog post but the words just aren’t flowing like usual? Yeah, that happens to the best of us. No need to worry; I find the best way of overcoming that is to distract yourself. Get out of whatever zone you may be in and go outside, watch a movie, go out with friends or just work on something different. Nine times out of 10 the blogging funk you’re experiencing will disappear.

2. Set new goals

Maybe you’re not being challenged enough or you’ve met your goals ahead of schedule. Writing down new goals is always helpful. It helps to push you to the next level and embrace a new challenge. Maybe create a new content calendar for upcoming weeks or create new goals for things you’re not as strong in. Either way, you’ll be consistently moving forward.

How To Get out of a Blogging Funk

3. Don’t look at the numbers

It can be so tempting during a funk to become obsessed with the numbers and stats. I get obsessed with numbers all the time and constantly have to remind myself to not look. Whenever I’m feeling a blogging or social funk coming on I always want to look at how many followers i’ve lost or how many comments I didn’t get. I have to tell myself to cut it out and get back on the horse; create something new, engage and start looking at what has grown and all I’ve accomplished because that is what really counts.

4. Change your workspace

Sometimes working in the same spot, day in and day out, can become boring and uninspiring. Change up your routine, your workspace or maybe find a new one altogether. Move your desk, try the couch, head to a café. A new space or location can really help you get past a blogging funk especially if you’re trying to brainstorm. It allows you to get out of your bubble to see things in a new light.

How To Get out of a Blogging Funk

How To Get out of a Blogging Funk