New Product Alert: You Won’t Leave Home Without It

As you know, I love trying new products and I’m happy to announce I’ve tested another one I think you’ll all enjoy.

I’m always reaching for products in my bag, you know, those essentials everyone carries around. For me, those essentials often revolve around a lip or hand product. The constant weather changes from cold to colder require some heavy duty assistance so I need all the help I can get.

I recently tried a new product that not only is 99% natural but is available at my neighbourhood Sephora.

New Product Alert:You Wont Leave yYour House Without It

Lanolips has been saving my skin in the last week or so; since I’ve been carrying it around, my lips and bits have been softer and hydrated longer. Lano, short for Lanolin is a natural substance that intensely hydrates skin. I can honestly say, its gentle but effective. It’s made without sulfates, mineral oil or petroleum…perfect!

My lips and hands get so dry and chapped not just during the winter but throughout every seasonal change. So far, the 101 Ointment and Rose Hand Cream Intense hydrates without a greasy feeling. I actually can’t leave the house before double checking these are with me. I’ve actually mixed them together for even more hydration.

I didn’t know this until after I started using the products but they have won over 50 international beauty awards, I’m impressed! If you haven’t tried this out I recommend!

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