Making Your Makeup Last All Day

No matter what skintype you have, hydration is an integral part of your daily skincare routine. Since we constantly have a dozen or more aggressors attacking our skin it’s always a good investment to make. Moisterizers come in all shapes and colours; gels, creams, pots and pumps. Often, we overlook the importance of prepping skin for makeup. For me, moisturizer is one of the first and most important steps to creating a smooth and flawless base for your foundation to adhere to.

More and more I’ve been experimenting with primers that, as my skin leans to the dry side, help to further hydrate my skin. Full transparency, I thought primers were a bit of a farce; especially for dry skin. I thought my regular every day moisturizer would be enough. That’s how I operated for many years but then I broke down and give primers a chance.

I have to admit, I’ve tried so many primers! Gels, creams, water and silicone based but one thing I know…I can’t live without them. With so many types and textures to choose from it can be hard to navigate the primer world. So many brands have different primer ranges providing products for different skin types or concerns. I love this concept since it gives everyone the change to mix and match, try different formulas to see what really feels good. It’s important to feel good in whatever you put onto your skin.

Making Your Makeup Last: Primer

Primer Waters

Primer waters are an easy-to-use and practical option for everyone. Light weight and refreshing, sprays provide your skin with hydration, protection and a base for whatever you apply over-top. They’re extra refreshing when you need it and leave a thin and even mist over skin.

Moisturizing Primers

Anyone who wants a little more hydration in their life knows moisture is key and this type of primer is a lifesaver. With various levels of hydration to choose from, these primers apply easily under makeup and last all day. They plump up your skin and let your foundation go on smoother, not clinging to dry bits.

 Silicone Primers

This type of primer generally helps to create a smooth layer on the skin. Silicone based primers have an almost slippery feel to them. These are helpful when trying to hide larger pores, fine lines or texture. It also prevents oil from breaking through during the day helping your makeup stay in place longer.

There are so many brands who offer amazing options for every skin type, give them a try. I really didn’t think they were important in my routine but I have to say, I was wrong. Thank you so much for reading guys!

Making Your Makeup Last: Primer