Embracing A New Mindset

Embrace A New Mindset


As we approach the end of the first week of a new year, I think we should all give ourselves a pat on the back for embracing all the opportunities that come with it. It’s not easy to process your own thoughts and goals with the pressure a new year brings; it can be down right impossible. I’ve made plenty of resolutions before in all areas of my life; weight, school, money…even the ‘being more healthy’ which we all know really means ‘lose weight’. It’s a little ridiculous the pressure we put on ourselves to all of a sudden become the person we ‘want to become’ with no real plan. Going 0 to 100 real quick is not quite realistic when we all know it can take months if not years to really change and grow. This year, I’m embracing a new mindset that, I think, everyone can benefit from.

Make Small Goals

Making small goals and watching them grow into bigger ones has become my new mantra as traditional large scale goals and resolutions just don’t always work for me. I get caught up in the grandure of it all and focus on what I don’t do right vs. any success I do achieve. I heard somewhere that as humans, we tend to focus on the negative more often. This inevitably leads to a loss in morale, a negative mindset and wanting to give up before you even start. I can’t do that anymore!

Cleanse Your Space

So recently, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know what I’m talking about, I’ve been in the middle of a complete redecoration, clean-out and overhaul of two rooms in my house. The one I am most excited about is a new office space I can actually use and looks good too. Cleansing your space, wether it’s a clean out, a reno or just a reorganization can do wonders for your mindset. This whole process has helped me to be more focused and decisive about what I really want and what I need. Truth be told, I was a little bit of a hoarder (I still have all my acceptance letters to University and found six identical University graduation booklets under my bed… I graduated six years ago! lol). Getting rid of the old makes way for the new, it’s true!

Accept The Negative

Okay, this one seems weird right!? Not so much if you really think about it. Most of us tend to fight against the flow, especially if something’s not working out the way we imagined. I do that all the time! Instead of fighting against it, accept it and adjust your plan. Life happens, sh*t happens and fighting against it can be exhausting and completely shatter your mood and goals. If life throws you a curveball, try to look at it from another perspective and keep moving forward. Negativeity will arise at some point or another in your day/week. Instead of letting it stop you; find a way through it.

What are some your favourite ways to approach a new year/ challenge, task ect.? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading! xo



Embrace A New Mindset


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