Everyday Masking

Everyday Masking

Everyday Masking

Masking has become my happy place! For the last few months, my mask library has grown exponentially with every mask I could ever want but I asked myself is it possible to mask everyday? People, the answer is YES! Over the last few weeks, I’ve been testing out mask combinations and routines to come up with a daily masking regimen that everyone can could enjoy!

Monday: Detox

Monday’s are the perfect day to detox your skin! Why you may ask? Well, after a weekend full of foundation, primers and powders skin can get clogged and congested. It’s important to remove all that gunk and Monday’s are the perfect opportunity when following a daily masking regimen. I’ve been using Glossier’s Mega Greens Galaxy Pack and it gets the job done right! I have pretty dry skin and now that the weather is close to Day After Tomorrow temps it’s even drier. This mask doesn’t dry out my skin or make it feel uncomfortable after I wash it off.

Tuesday: Exfoliate

After we’ve removed all the gunk from our pores its time to scrub off all the dead skin. There are so many options but I’m a huge fan of something that includes acids and a physical exfoliant. I’ve been using Peter Thomas Roth’s Pumpkin Enzyme Mask and it’s very effective at making your skin as soft and smooth as possible. Since it includes AHA acids it also works to reduce hyper-pigmentation along with texture!

Everyday Masking

Wednesday: Hydrate

Hydration is key for any skin type. It helps to plump and fill fine lines, reduce tightness and give your skin a radient glow. Having hydrated skin also helps your makeup to go on so much better! A hydrating sheet mask is perfect for this! It goes on easy and is highly effective! I’ve used so many but I’m currently using the Dr. Jart + Water Replenishment Cotton Sheet Mask. It’s great, works everytime and is easy to carry. Pro tip: leave it on until it starts to feel dry then apply the rest of the serum in the packet directly onto your face and let soak in! Trust me!

Thursday: Under Eyes

We all neglect the skin under eyes from time to time. It’s always that one area, for me, that doesn’t get the love it deserves. Under eye masks are fantastic to help whatever your current issue is. Fine lines, dark circles, dryness…you name it, theres a mask for it. I’m currently testing out the Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Hydra-Gel Eye Patches and have to say the first time I used it, it wowed me! Listen, if I’m applying gold to my face, you’ve better believe I’m leaving it on for longer than the recommended time! From what I’ve witnessed, it’s hydrating and firming which is great! They are a little pricy but very much worth it!

Friday: Firming

We’ve reached the end of the week and it’s time to get ready for the weekend. I’ve been loving the Glam Glow Gravity Mud Firming Treatment Mask lately because it actually firms up my skin and makes my makeup go on extra smooth. A firming mask is also great to apply an hour or so before makeup ahead of an evening out. After it dries, it peels off easily and pain-free! It kind of makes you look like the tin man but it works.

Masking can totally be an everyday thing. What are your favourite maskes? Leave me some comments below! Thanks for reading! xo

Everyday Masking

Everyday Masking


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